Who Should Write Online?

Who should write online?

  1. The Niche Hobbyist: The Internet rewards people with obscure interests. Writing online will help you find other like-minded hobbyists who you wouldn’t be able to meet in real life.
  2. The Think-for-Yourself Academic: Academia is hyper-specialized and often hostile to new ideas. On the Internet, you don’t need permission from peer reviewers before you publish your work. Build an audience to reduce career risk — so you can study unpopular ideas.
  3. The Up-and-Coming Entrepreneur: We’re moving to a world of Audience-First Products. Before the Internet, companies built products before audiences. Now, they build audiences before products. It’s easier to start a business when you have an audience.
  4. The Underestimated Employee: The number one predictor of entrepreneurship is asymmetric information about skill levels. If the market undervalues your skills, and you aren’t able to demonstrate your competence at work, you can prove yourself by writing online.
  5. The Deep Thinker: Writing online will sharpen your thinking. An empty white page is a mirror into your mind. When the ideas in your mind are clouded, so are the words on the page in front of you. Re-writing is re-thinking. Writing is the best way to improve your ideas.
  6. The Rural Obsessive: You are intellectually curious, but you‘re trapped in a place where you can’t meet like-minded people. Write online, so people come to you. When they do, you can video chat with them and find ways to meet them in person. No more intellectual loneliness.
  7. The Job Hunter: A well-written personal blog says more about you than any resume ever will. Writing demonstrates curiosity, commitment and diligence — which attracts the eye of the world’s best companies. Instead of reaching out to recruiters, they’ll be reaching out to you.
  8. The Investor: Investors need a competitive edge. Talent is globally distributed, but when you write online, people from around the world reach out to you. Writing online gives you the first look at up-and-coming entrepreneurs. These relationships will make you smarter.
  9. The Gifted Artist: Fans like artists who can explain the thinking behind their work. Write online to document your creative process and give fans a window into the madness of your mind. As you write, your art will become three-dimensional, and you’ll attract die-hard fans.
  10. The 10x Engineer: Engineers are paid very well. But the best ones are still underpaid. By writing online, you can demonstrate your competence and tell the world about your unique skills. You’ll attract the gaze of recruiters and other engineers, who will see your worth.

Writing online is the fastest way to accelerate your career. It’ll help you learn faster, build your resume and meet people who can create personal and professional opportunities for you.

Writing online is a superpower, and Write of Passage is the best place to start.