Jen Vermet

Jen Vermet - Write of Passage Case Study

“Write of Passage has given me the tools to execute consistently to share what I write. I don’t fumble around with excuses of why I can’t publish something.”

Why did you first sign up for Write of Passage?

After taking Tiago Forte’s Building a Second Brain course, I made a habit of capturing and building out my note-taking system. I became a hoarder of my ideas. I wasn’t making progress on my projects to see the fruits of my labor. Write of Passage was the opportunity I needed to learn how to overcome this hurdle from sharing more openly. Anyone can collect a bunch of ideas, but to actually execute and distribute them is the challenging part. WOP gave me the tools and confidence in myself to move the needle.

What did you like most about the course? 

I loved connecting with such curious and diverse peers that valued self-improvement and learning as much as I do. We all have such varied interests while simultaneously wanting to become better versions of ourselves. Through creating online, my classmates welcomed me to become a citizen of the internet.

The peer-to-peer feedback was invaluable in challenging me while also helping me progress faster. It taught me to seek feedback from others sooner by conversing and sharing my ideas before I invest time researching. Write first and then research later.

What’s your #1 takeaway or lesson learned from WoP?

Publish before you feel ready. Take action even though you don’t feel ready because you’ll never feel ready. It’s better to publish something good than to not publish anything at all. Share quantity in order to create quality. Don’t create excuses that you are waiting for enough research. Start with writing about what you know best. For me, this was my own life experiences and interests. 

What surprised you about the course? 

Writing is a way to crystallize thoughts and ultimately become better at thinking. By signing up for Write of Passage, you learn how to build a writing system synchronously with how to think. 

I used to see writers as individuals who were cooped up by themself for long periods of time. With a community of learners, writing doesn’t have to feel as isolating. You get to go through the same struggles together.

How has Write of Passage impacted your creative output?

It has given me the tools to execute consistently to share what I write. I don’t fumble around with excuses of why I can’t publish something. Once I have an idea, I immediately start sharing it and get curious about how to make the idea better.

What advice would you give to a new Write of Passage student? 

Take advantage of the community of like-minded individuals. They make the experience. Your peers can become your friends that hold you accountable after the course flies by. 

Also, start to identify yourself as a writer for the long haul. There will always be another idea that comes along to write about. If you have a big picture perspective, you don’t fall into the trap of trying to write about everything at once. 

Any final thoughts or recommendations about the course?

Come in with an open mind because you don’t know whether you’ll learn the most from David, the curriculum, videos, or from your peers. Even though I felt intimidated by classmates that seemed further along in knowing their personal monopolies and niches, it was humbling to learn from others’ journeys. The accountability helps you initiate and pushes you over the edge to execute on sharing ideas. Take it in and enjoy the ride!