Jenny Kim

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Write of Passage is not school – learn for learning’s sake and then apply.  Don’t focus on being perfect.

  • Some of my favorite blogs/online writers are: Adam Grant and J. Kelly Hoey
  • Best book I’ve read recently is: Portrait of a Turkish Family by Irfan Orgai
  • My personal blog / EM newsletter link is: Blog: Newsletter: (Trade-offs and Triumphs)
  • My current job title is: Deputy General Counsel, Political Law, Koch Companies Public Sector, LLC

Why did you first sign up for Write of Passage?

There had been changes at work, and I had not done actual non-work related writing for over twenty years.  I decided that it was time to change that, and I was skeptical, but I signed up for Write of Passage.  Too many times, I had tried to set up a website/blog and then failed, so I decided that I needed some help.

And I needed to find who “Jenny Kim” was again, and what better way than through writing and exploring?

What did you like most about the course?  

The things that I enjoyed most about the course:

  • The pre-recorded lectures, especially the step-by-step instructions around building a website, newsletter, and your own mailing list
  • David Perell’s live lectures
  • The break-out rooms
  • The Saturday CrossFit sessions (although I did not get much done during that time period other than generate a lot of unfinished writing)
  • Sunday Alumni mentor sessions with Charlie Bleecker
  • Meeting the other students in the breakout rooms and building some lifelong friendships along the way  
  • Learning and implementing the idea capturing system – still working on mine, but at least I have a way to do this.

What’s your #1 takeaway or lesson learned from WoP?

Your personal monopoly will not happen overnight – just be patient, be consistent, and continue to produce as much quality as you can.

What surprised you about the course?

How much I enjoyed this online course and the sense of community.

How has Write of Passage impacted your creative output?

I try to be consistent in producing at least 1 published essay a week, but that has not always happened.  However, I have been consistently producing a weekly newsletter (Trade-offs and Triumphs) since August 3, 2020.

I am part of a daily morning writing group with two other Write of Passage alumni (Dan Greenwald and Abhi Verma) – we call it “The Morning Season.”  Each morning, we write for about 55 minutes and then hold each other accountable.

What advice would you give to a new Write of Passage student? 

  • Be open to everything.
  • Attend all the live sessions, even if you do not complete the assignments.
  • Participate fully in Circle – comment on fellow students’ ideas and writing, learn how to edit and practice editing
  • Embrace the POP method
  • If possible, get your website set up ahead of time and don’t try to make it perfect – like all projects, it will evolve with time
  • Once the list of alumni mentors come out, follow all of them on Twitter and subscribe to their newsletters – try to understand them and enter their world, and then decide which mentor-led group you want to follow.
  • Write, even when you don’t want to write.
  • You are not the dumbest person in the room – everyone has something to teach someone, everyone has something to learn from someone.

Any final thoughts or recommendations about the course?

Write of Passage is not school – learn for learning’s sake and then apply.  Don’t focus on being perfect.