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Cohort 12 kicks off in spring 2024

Your future is waiting to be written.

When you publish your ideas online,
doors open to meaningful work, a vibrant community, and life on your terms.
Harness the power of the Internet with a writing course that is changing lives around the world.

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Writing online can change your future

Writing and publishing your ideas online is not out of reach.

In the past, writing was reserved for a special class of people like journalists or professional authors. But now, everyone has access to publishing content. The key is learning how to write about your favorite topics for the online world. When you publish your ideas online, you unleash the full power of the Internet. Your ideas work for you while you sleep—24/7, all around the world.

Writing what you’re passionate about online turns you into a lighthouse for like-minded people—a beacon for serendipity. You meet people and achieve things that once felt impossible. Entirely by your doing, a new life opens up.

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Write of Passage has given me more education, motivation, community, and confidence about career opportunities than years of anything else.

Aaron White
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Meet Our Alumni

Experts in Their Field

Our alumni are creators, thought-leaders, business owners – and on an unconventional path to success. Let their stories inspire your journey in the same direction.

Packy McCormick

Packy went from zero output to over 80K subscribers, 155K Twitter followers, a schedule he owns, and a venture fund he started through his newsletter.

Ana Lorena Fabrega

Ana went from no Twitter following, website, or published articles to over 155K followers, and the Chief Evangelist for Synthesis, an Elon Musk-affiliated school.

Amanda Natividad

Amanda went from never publishing her own ideas to a prolific publishing habit following Write of Passage. Her audience has soared to over 110K in under a year.

Starting to write online was the single best professional decision I’ve ever made, by an enormous margin.

Packy McCormick
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Essays for the Internet Age

Showcasing our community, these essays by Write of Passage students unpack writing online from various vantage points.
From feedback to pseudonyms to cliches, get to know the course and its outcomes by reading these mosaic of ideas on writing.

  • Summoning the Muse

    Summoning the Muse

    Where does inspiration come from? By dissecting the methods of Mary Oliver, Michael Pollan, and Michael Lewis, we see how their routines look more like devotion than discipline. Away from their desk, they have a lifestyle that brings them a flood of ideas. How can we reliably summon the muse?

    Read more: Summoning the Muse
  • IKEA Words: How Not to Furnish Your Digital Home

    IKEA Words: How Not to Furnish Your Digital Home

    Why are we drawn to cheap, re-usable, and safe language? The pressure to use modular Swedish furniture is similar to the pressure online writers face. We want quick results, we cushion our words, and we crave to be accepted. How can we break out of our bad habits?

  • Pseudonymous Cape

    Pseudonymous Cape

    Are pseudonyms a mask to hide behind, or a superpower that unlocks your potential? Around 20% of Write of Passage students write under a pseudonym. It lets them explore personal writing, which can be tough to do under your own name. What happens when you bring confessions, transparency, and authenticity into your writing?

    Read more: Pseudonymous Cape

Cohort 12 kicks off in Spring 2024