Alumni Quotes

Alumni Quotes

Juliette C

“The biggest shift I’ve seen for myself is getting more friends that are aligned with me. Through my newsletter, I have met people who reached the same conclusions as me and connected with them virtually or in real life. It has opened my mind to the things that we can do if we keep pushing ourselves to publish and put ideas out there.”

Efty K.

“Write of Passage has given me the confidence to show myself in my conversations with others in my coach training and my writing.”

Gad A.

 “I feel that I joined a community of like-minded people, people that are interested in using writing as a way of expressing and exchanging ideas. Now I have an analytical way to judge and improve my writing over time.”

Adam C.

“It is not just a course that happens and is done. You build relationships out of it and have this bank of information that you can leverage going forward to improve your writing style.”

Bryce L.

 “I have the space to pull ideas from anywhere. From a conversation, from something a tweet, from something I read a long time ago. It made me think about where I can get ideas from outside of myself.”

Jackie W.

“It is not just a course that happens and is done. You build relationships out of it and have this bank of information that you can leverage going forward to improve your writing style.”

Charlie B.

“I didn’t realize how much David was going to teach me about writing. There were many ‘aha’ moments for me where he would teach something that I had never thought about. This course completely elevated everything about my writing.”

Joe B.

“You connect with your creativity, you create lasting friendships with other people, and you just feel such a deeper connection with the world.”

Julia S.

I now have a weekly publishing schedule where I work on an article per week. I send out a newsletter every week. I tweet every day. This started with Write of Passage.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever felt more momentum in my professional life than with Write of Passage. It feels like my brain has switched into a different, more powerful mode.

Stefan W.

“The live sessions + breakouts. The community feedback. The fantastic balance of technical with strategic tips. This is the most amazing thing I’ve done in a very long time.”

Yaron S.

“Getting off the sidelines. Joining twitter. Publishing my first article ever – I’ve been telling myself I was going to start writing so the feeling of publishing one (let alone 4 articles) was amazing.”

Justin M.

“I came to Write of Passage hoping to find my voice, instead I found my voice, myself, and my people.”

Alice L.

“For the first time in a long, long time, I had so much fun writing an essay and couldn’t pull away from it. I was so excited to click “publish.” I had missed that feeling.”

Ben W.

“This was my first cohort-based online course. I’ll never forget it. Having Kelvin comment on my first paper from Nigeria and being tossed into a Zoom breakout room with Alexandra in Chile were just wild to me. I loved hearing the broad backgrounds of everyone I met, but we all had an intellectual curiosity that tied us.”

Brian S.

“I didn’t really know what I was getting into when I signed up, except that I was going to force myself to actually start creating instead of consuming. Write of Passage exceeded my expectations in basically every dimension.”

Chance R.

“Write of Passage was the most transformative experience of my adult life, without a doubt. Thank you for helping me build the momentum I needed to continue hitting publish.”

Pamela Hobart - Write of Passage Case Study

Pamela Hobart

“I put up a website and some preliminary blog posts in May and June. By July, strangers who found me on Twitter and visited my site had paid me for introductory life coaching sessions. Can’t argue with that.”

Keshav Z.

“The course is for anyone who works in the Knowledge economy. You don’t have to be an aspiring professional writer/author to attend it. The most important takeaway is understanding the significance of my online presence/profile for my long-term career.”

Kirsten C.

“Write of Passage kicked my writing into action while simultaneously upgrading my mindset about how to write and share work. It’s more than a class. It’s a community that can change your trajectory in life.”

Dozie Anyaegbunam

“…gotten two new writing gigs since after I completed the course – all because I am now publishing regularly and distributing my ideas much better than before.”

Packy McCormick

“Write of Passage kicked my writing into action while. When you share what you write, you create a magnet that attracts people who are thinking about the same things as you.”

Shanu Matthew

“After taking the course, you realize that there isn’t some black box that separates you and your favorite writers. You can achieve the same result if you’re willing to put in the time and effort.”

Andrew Barry

“The Write of Passage community are all in the same boat, so you get this incredible melting pot of ideas, and mélange of feedback that had an exponential effect on improving my writing.”

Tim C.

“Write of Passage is the community that you want to join if you are looking to meet people who share ideas on the internet. There is nothing else like it.”

Jennifer N.

“I can really tell that David, Will and Tiago CARED about helping students achieve their writing goals. That seemed to be foremost in your mind, rather than simply making the most profit.”

Hemant J.

“The course is most optimal for people who are looking to write, but don’t know how/where to get started. It helped me establish a good process for writing non-fiction.”

Max G.

“The course forced me to finally take action, and start building writing and publishing habits. I launched a newsletter and realized the power of the personal email list.”


“I’ve made a huge shift from viewing writing as a solitary pursuit to seeing it as a collaborative process. Collaboration, conversation, and feedback really tightens my thinking and helps me to write better finished pieces.”


“The course helped revive the spark in my idea machine. So much energy was spent studying topics in the past, and then I felt like the machine hit a standstill. Write of Passage brought it back to life. It made me feel like I was personally growing again and less anxious about stagnation at work.”


“Write of Passage flipped a switch in my mind where I thought I couldn’t write about certain topics to feeling like I could write about anything. I was blocked before, and now I feel unblocked and capable of tackling anything…So thank you for that. I will be eternally grateful. This is the BEST online course I’ve ever taken (and I’ve taken way too many!).”