Jennifer Newcomb Marine

“Even though I’ve had a steady writing practice for many years, this approach still removed a substantial layer of anxiety from the process of generating and completing drafts.”

Juan David Campolargo

“I used to have these ideas, but I never really fully developed them. Now, I’m constantly writing ideas and curiosities that I would like to learn more about.“

Jackie Williams

“I always thought of writing as a solo pursuit, but now I see that there is so much more to the writing process that benefits from creative collaboration.”

Jen Vermet

“Write of Passage has given me the tools to execute consistently to share what I write. I don’t fumble around with excuses of why I can’t publish something.”

Vincent Barr

“Writing publicly converts rather quickly into serendipity. For me, that means new friendships, a writing community, professional alliances, and reconnecting with people whom I haven’t spoken with for 5 or more years thanks to my newsletter.”

Who Should Write Online?

Who should write online? The Niche Hobbyist: The Internet rewards people with obscure interests. Writing online will help you find other like-minded hobbyists who you wouldn’t be able to meet in real life. The Think-for-Yourself Academic: Academia is hyper-specialized and often hostile to new ideas. On the Internet, you don’t need permission from peer reviewersRead More ➔ “Who Should Write Online?”

Paradigm Shifts of Write of Passage

Online audiences are the new professional network. Writing online is the world’s best networking activity.  Most people think networking happens at bars and conferences. That model of networking is outdated. Modern networking happens on the internet. By writing you attract people and opportunities. Skip the networking event and devote three hours to writing instead. OnlineRead More ➔ “Paradigm Shifts of Write of Passage”

Making Friends on the Internet

“What makes people feel human in the inhuman context of the internet?” Our Write of Passage improvement efforts have focused on one area. A recent Tweet by Jeff Weinstein, a product lead at Stripe, provides some guidance: My problem #1 to solve for Write of Passage is strengthening the student community.  Write of Passage attractsRead More ➔ “Making Friends on the Internet”