Ana Lorena Fabrega

For years, Ana Lorena Fabrega dreamed of transforming childhood education. She loves kids taught at elementary schools for five years, with lots of hard work but little recognition to show for it. When her students were in her class, they loved to learn. They raised their hands, finished their homework, and participated in class discussions.Read More ➔ “Ana Lorena Fabrega”

The Writing Habit

When you sit down to write, your mind will rebel. Expect this to happen. That way, it won’t bother you when it does. Keep going. Fight through the resistance. Once you get in the groove, don’t try to sound smart or impressive. Pursue truth and let that speak for itself.  Aim to finish once you’veRead More ➔ “The Writing Habit”

Why Write?

Never underestimate the power of words. When you become a regular writer, you change how you live. Writing forces you to pay attention and helps you understand what you believe. Writing makes the world pop. It motivates you to become more curious about the world. It takes you to a higher level of perception andRead More ➔ “Why Write?”

The 10-Step Writing Process

Step 1: Create a Mega Outline Step 2: Build an Archipelago of Ideas Step 3: Outline Step 4: Write a 2nd Rough Draft Step 5: Re-Write Every Sentence Step 6: 10-15 Sentence Article Summary  Step 7: Send to Friends and Ask for Feedback Step 8: Write a 3rd Rough Draft Step 9: Turn Outline into aRead More ➔ “The 10-Step Writing Process”

Style and Substance

Less is More: Effort isn’t something readers want. Substance is. The shorter the article, the less bullshit. Treat every word like it costs you something. Good communication is the ability to say the most in the fewest number of words. The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.Read More ➔ “Style and Substance”


Avoid Adverbs: This one is simple: delete your adverbs. If you’re not sure what an adverb is, the easiest way to identify them is that they frequently end in “-ly.” This is, again, more about pruning than outright abstinence: you can still use adverbs, but save them for when they mean something. Avoid Repetition: IfRead More ➔ “Rules:”

A Fresh Perspective

Writing is a fruitful habit. Expressing ideas will help you form new ones and by sharing them with others, your thinking will gain precision. Make this process your own and improve it whenever possible. Read to inspire you to write more, and write to inspire you to read more. Through this delicate balance of productionRead More ➔ “A Fresh Perspective”