Melissa Menke

“Write of Passage is pioneering a new model for online learning. One built around engagement, deep discussions, shared goals, and two-way support.” Info about you My personal blog / EM newsletter link is: Website/Newsletter My current job title is: Founder, Venture Partner, Entrepreneur  Best book I’ve read recently: So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed Why didRead More ➔ “Melissa Menke”

Tommy Lee

“Before WOP, it felt like all Internet’s serendipity was hiding behind a thick wall. Write of Passage felt like stepping through a doorway to the wall’s other side.” Info about you My personal blog / EM newsletter link is: Website, Newsletter   My current job title is: Video producer One of my favorite blogs/online writers is:Read More ➔ “Tommy Lee”

Simone Silverstein

“After taking WOP, I’m actually creating. I have essays on my website and I send a weekly newsletter that fills me with a sense of accomplishment.” Info about you  My personal blog / EM newsletter link is:  Website essays  My current job title is: Writer One of my favorite blogs/online writers is: JoshRead More ➔ “Simone Silverstein”

Ana Lorena Fabrega

For years, Ana Lorena Fabrega dreamed of transforming childhood education. She loves kids taught at elementary schools for five years, with lots of hard work but little recognition to show for it. When her students were in her class, they loved to learn. They raised their hands, finished their homework, and participated in class discussions.Read More ➔ “Ana Lorena Fabrega”

Shelby Smith

“WoP showed me how attainable (not easy, but attainable) it is to publish regularly.”

Jenny Kim

“Write of Passage is not school – learn for learning’s sake and then apply. Don’t focus on being perfect.“

David Vargas

“I’m realizing that I’m not trying to grow an audience through my writing. Instead, I write to be a better communicator, clarify my thinking, and to supplement the medium in which I’m ACTUALLY trying to grow an audience – engineering.”

Bob Barnard

“My #1 takeaway is that all of us can write. Each of us is a unique human being with our own point of view to share.”

Jennifer Newcomb Marine

“Even though I’ve had a steady writing practice for many years, this approach still removed a substantial layer of anxiety from the process of generating and completing drafts.”

Juan David Campolargo

“I used to have these ideas, but I never really fully developed them. Now, I’m constantly writing ideas and curiosities that I would like to learn more about.“