• Our Vision for Write of Passage

    Our Vision for Write of Passage

    Writing online is one of the most undervalued opportunities in the world right now. We are pioneers on the frontier of the Internet, teaching creators, kids, and companies how to write online in the 21st century. Here’s what we’re building.

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  • My Vision for the Future of Education

    My Vision for the Future of Education

    First, teaching will become an extremely lucrative profession. Salaries will follow a power law. The best teachers will make millions of dollars per year and educate thousands of students per year.

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  • Our 8 Pillars of Education

    Our 8 Pillars of Education

    The Write of Passage approach to education is based on 8 pillars. Together, they are our guiding principles in designing every aspect of the learning experience for our students: Pillar #1: Deep Trust Learning cannot happen without trust. Community cannot happen without trust. Growth cannot happen without trust. Our students demand an environment of deepRead More ➔ "Our 8 Pillars of Education"

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  • Strengthening the Student Community

    Strengthening the Student Community

    “What makes people feel human in the inhuman context of the internet?” Our Write of Passage improvement efforts have focused on one area. A recent Tweet by Jeff Weinstein, a product lead at Stripe, provides some guidance: My problem #1 to solve for Write of Passage is strengthening the student community.  Write of Passage attractsRead More ➔ "Strengthening the Student Community"

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