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Shanu Mathew

“After taking the course, you realize that there isn’t some black box that separates you and your favorite writers. You can achieve the same result if you’re willing to put in the time and effort.”

— Shanu Mathew

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Packy McCormick

“When you share what you write, you create a magnet that attracts people who are thinking about the same things as you.”

— Packy McCormick

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Pamela Hobart

“I put up a website and some preliminary blog posts in May and June. By July, strangers who found me on Twitter and visited my site had paid me for introductory life coaching sessions. Can’t argue with that.”

— Pamela Hobart

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Ana Lorena Fabrega

“I went from thinking that I was not a writer, and that I was a terrible writer to now having published a book’s length of my ideas about education. There is no bigger reward than that.”

— Ana Lorena Fabrega

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Dozie Anyaegbunam

“I’ve gotten two new writing gigs since after I completed the course – all because I am now publishing regularly and distributing my ideas much better than before.”

— Dozie Anyaegbunam

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Andrew Barry

“The Write of Passage community are all in the same boat, so you get this incredible melting pot of ideas, and mélange of feedback that had an exponential effect on improving my writing.”

— Andrew Barry

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Shelby Smith

“WoP showed me how attainable (not easy, but attainable) it is to publish regularly.”

— Shelby Smith

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Jenny Kim

“Write of Passage is not school – learn for learning’s sake and then apply. Don’t focus on being perfect.”

— Jenny Kim

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David Vargas

“I’m realizing that I’m not trying to grow an audience through my writing. Instead, I write to be a better communicator, clarify my thinking, and to supplement the medium in which I’m ACTUALLY trying to grow an audience – engineering.”

— David Vargas

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Bob Barnard

“My #1 takeaway is that all of us can write. Each of us is a unique human being with our own point of view to share.”

— Bob Barnard

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Jennifer Newcomb Marine

“Even though I’ve had a steady writing practice for many years, this approach still removed a substantial layer of anxiety from the process of generating and completing drafts.”

— Jennifer Newcomb Marine

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Juan David Campolargo

“I used to have these ideas, but I never really fully developed them. Now, I’m constantly writing ideas and curiosities that I would like to learn more about.”

— Juan David Campolargo

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Jackie Williams

“I always thought of writing as a solo pursuit, but now I see that there is so much more to the writing process that benefits from creative collaboration.”

— Jackie Williams

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Jen Vermet

“Write of Passage has given me the tools to execute consistently to share what I write. I don’t fumble around with excuses of why I can’t publish something.”

— Jen Vermet

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Vincent Barr

“Writing publicly converts rather quickly into serendipity. For me, that means new friendships, a writing community, professional alliances, and reconnecting with people whom I haven’t spoken with for 5 or more years thanks to my newsletter.”

— Vincent Barr

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